Chapter Fifty Nine

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“Say What!!!”

That was my response. She had tears in her eyes. I had heard her but I wanted her to say it again because it goes without question this was a disaster. Again I go back to Mooi River. In the beginning I told you how girls bring home unwanted packages but in a manner that’s plausible a.k.a. They come home already with baby in hand. The most your parents can do is sink or swim. You don’t live your pregnancy at home but rather you bring home the baby and say “surprise”. Yes you can come home pregnant but that when you are nine months already. Your parents can’t exactly chase away “two” people no matter how strict they are. But to be pregnant and actually at the beginning of the pregnancy well that is another story. This was deep. This was scary. What was she going to do now? I felt as though I was in her shoes.

I asked what was naturally the next question “who is the daddy” and all she did was look aside and let the tears roll down her cheeks. I hadn’t even asked how she was feeling or why she had done such a stupid thing like that. By stupid thing I mean try to kill herself. Suicide is the easy way out. Even if I was not that religious I knew of all the gifts we possessed LIFE itself was the most precious! Asifuni amagwala (we don’t want cowards) you don’t take the easy way out when you have a problem especially of your own making. You stand and be counted. You push back and give back until you make things right. Now she would have killed two people had this worked! What a stupid girl!? Regardless, she was my friend and I would stand by her and clearly now, stand for her. This was a complete disaster!!!

The lies that matter are always made by us women. Men usually lie about two things, how much money they make and whom else they are sleeping with? For all that nonsense of them running the world we are actually more creative just choose not shine. Men lie more than women hands down that’s why we always catch them at their own lie because at some point they can’t maintain the lie. Look at umalume Rodney for example. Tried to have an affair and now he was here.

She told me that she was not sure who the baby daddy was. I asked how that was possible because when a dick goes inside you then you should always remember whom it belongs to. What kind of nonsense is that!? I have my faults I know but I know where I have been and under what tree. Sex even for me meant something and was for something. It was not a stroll in the park so I knew whom I had been with.

She said she had heard the nurses hadn’t told her yet how far along she was and had in fact pretended to be sleeping when she heard the doctor telling one of the nurses that its a good thing she hadn’t bruised her cervix in this whole mess otherwise she would have hurt the pregnancy. I asked her whom the options were. Who could possibly be the father then? She said there was Juju, her ex from Polokwane who turned out to be cheating with some girl from Pretoria. Problem is they had already broken up and him being a lawyer he would deny that baby even legally and probably win. There was umalume who was now fighting to save his marriage, his wife had just beaten her up to a pulp and was less than 50m from where she stood. Moreover i my deductions from the conversation with Benny about his parentage where true i thought he was not capable of reproducing considering. There was uFana. I asked her who Fana was because I didn’t know who that was. She said Seabi which I assumed was his surname but oh well. She then explained that Malumes friend she had used as a rebound to revenge on Malume could be an option!!! What the fuck? But she had said she hadn’t slept with him! She said she had lied. The night before Aunty Lynda had found Fana at the flat they had slept together. This was all too confusing. I pulled up a chair and put it next to her bed. I told her in no uncertain terms that the next time her parents walk through that door they would demand answers. She had to have a story. Pick a target, pick a victim, do whatever but if you are asked who the father of your pregnancy is you can never ever say you don’t know! Hell no! Only a bicycle would say that it doesn’t know who rode it!

She snapped at me for saying that and maybe I had been a bit judgmental. She explained that unless they told her the weeks she wouldn’t know. I felt a bit bad about that. She was certain her parents did not know because her mother would have woken her up from a coma if she had to. She was violent like that she said. She asked me what she should do but i had no answers for her.

At that moment the doctor walked in. His name tag said Dr. Mashiane and he look all official in a white lab coat. He was friendly and asked if he could speak to N alone. N refused and said I was her sister so I must stay. The doctor didn’t seem to mind and he went on explaining the damage that had almost been done by her stunt. He said she was so lucky that nothing much was damaged. She cut him off and asked if she was pregnant. He seemed to have been caught off guard by that question and replied yes she was. She asked him how long and he went a bit technical on her. He then told her how far along she was and immediately she and I started counting back in our heads. I could see it in her eyes when she counted three times. I heard myself say NO out loud.

I looked at N and upon realization of what I had just figured out…

She just said out loud

O Fuck!!!

I seconded that!

BUT hold up!!!

****The End****



Would you advise your 15 year old sister to keep an obviously unwanted pregnancy?

PS. The production company is now on board. Casting dates and schedule should hopefully be announced by the end of next week.


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  1. Honestly no despite what religion says i would advice her to terminate. But yet making it clear to her that teen pregnancy is a big no no and should she repeat her mistake she will have to give birth to that child and be a mother. Also keeping in mind that at 15 she shouldnt be having sex

  2. OMG…N. Yes Thandeka u can’t judge & its even sad that @ this stage u can’t even congratulate. Mike..u rock

  3. Nawadays lots of children get preg at a very young age. Ds is deficult bt in an religiouse manner id let her keep it

  4. This was very short but tooo interesting….I’m hooked on this…as I patiently wait for 60hmmm and I’d sooo love to cast for this…lol…in all honesty I’m against abortion though, if your are “smart” enough to have sex be “smart” enought to prevent such from happening!!!

  5. I like..only a bicycle wud say it doesnt know who rode so stealing this one..gud one Mike. Saw u on Noeleen yesterday (so humble)..cuttieee pie!!!!

  6. Congratulations and keep the good work, I was beginning to have withdrawal syndrome when I didn’t find new updates this morning. LMAO :)

    PS: Good interview on 3talk yesterday.

  7. Yes. She doesn’t hav 2 keep the baby when its born. She can give it up for adoption,put it in a foster or children’s home. Abortion is not really an option as its sumthng ul hav 2 deal with for the rest of ur life. Too much regrets n too much what if’s.

  8. Oh flip.I started reading this so interesting.I’m now patiently waiting for chapter 59 .I hope it cometh before I Work. *claps*

  9. Oh.. come on.. really? good piece by the way… cant wait for the next chapter. i do not know what i would say to them but I hope i never have to advise any one that young on whether or not to keep a pregnancy…

  10. WOW so N is the other girl form the other book “Confessions of a sugar baby” I could just smell it from her character..hehe…SMH Thandeka is a complete mess.

  11. yoh!! but N was loose, already she’s sleapt with malume’s friend and obviously didn’t use protection with all three men. preagnency should be the least of her worries, what if she’s contracted an STD or worse an STV???
    a leson to all, acting on emotions can lea us asstray, she’s alredy tried to commit suicide and put herself in danger of contracting a deadly virus if she’d thought rationally and put her own wellbeing instead of thinking impulsively about revenge, wanting material things and using her body to achieve all that, she’d be in a diffrent situation right now.
    no i wouldn’t advice anyone to get rid of a preagnency, yes it can be a solution for now, they’ll continue with their lives and have it easy but reality is they wont have learnt anything and you myt say that falling preagnent in the 1st place is a lesson enough but living with yourself afterwards will be hard. you’ll always remember going through it, emotionally it will be a scar. their other avenues to take that are less selfish, like giving the baby up for adoption which will give the child a chance to live and family that will be ther for them and if possible some day you can have the chance to meet them.

  12. If she’s 15 and old enough to have unprotected sex,then what better way to teach her responsibility by making her keep the baby? Ofcourse rap is another issue.

  13. I wouldn’t advise her to keep the baby because the pregnancy is already unwanted and she has a future ahead of her… Rather get rid of the baby, then help her prevent it from happening again and let her learn that she must set her priorities straight because education can take her places

  14. Heh ehe chineke… It is an abomination this one eh… Umalume is the baby daddy… Kwaaaaa… Kunzima madoda!!!
    No.. I wud advice termination of the pregnancy, 15 yr olds hv no bysiness being mothrs.
    Wonderful interview on 3 talk yday.. Keep up the gud work, looking forward to more:)

  15. OMG..N what have u gotten urself into. Yes Thandeka u don’t judge.Eish ja we as woman we lie with lies that matter. Mike u rock.

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  18. ”When a dick goes inside you then you should always remember whom it belongs to”jst love that one thanks a lot for the read I ges I can carry on working now…enkosi Mike…

  19. N must keep da baby da damage has been already done wat could get more worse I wonder who is da Father ja ne life is hard

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    To answer ur question,I will never ever advice my lil sister to terminate her pregnancy,

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    Hi Mike I recorded your interview yesterday on 3 talk and guess what I am doing when I get home …watching the interview again !!! Even hubby was impressed ..

  22. Yey! New post.

    Eish the question is a tough one, I think honestly speaking I’d help he out if she wanted to abort and then lay down ridiculously strict rules, including NO BOYS at all! And tell her the things I’d to to her if she decides to have sex again.

    On second thoughts…I’d probably strangle her. Aaaaah I thank God I have no younger sister!

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    Confessions? uyephi ngok?


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  32. Wait is N 15??? Joh its sad being pregnant at that age buh killing a baby is murder and it doesn’t make u unpregnant. Its make u a mother to an unborn child. As much as she’s young I’d tell her to keep the baby because how does one live with yourself after advising your OWN blood to do some like that. Mara N yena ke sono,,,I hope it aint Malumes baby that would be sad

  33. Dang! I don’t know who to pity here! Ai ke, joy comes in the morning but not in Jozi! Lol! Raising a baby at 15 isn’t impossible but a baby is really something out of a teenager’s league! Would advice her to terminate and make sure she learnt from that experience

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    1. i have always written 1200 words per chapter. i have never changed that from chapter one. the reason why you keep coming back is because the story makes the main point relatively quickly. i have to be consistent with that because if we can call this a brand then this was the foundation it was built on. The intention was never to annoy you/

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