Chapter Fifty Five

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The person startled by the scream fell off the bed with a thud. I switched on the side lamp and there was Gorilla! I won’t lie I was scared. He really is a big man. He was wearing a vest and pyjama shorts. Was he about to rape me i asked myself? Should I run? A lot of things go through your mind at that moment. Instinctively I felt myself try to cover up even though i was fully dressed. Where would I go? I was in Fourways and i knew no one here. It was early morning and i didn’t have a home to go too. I was alone. Why did I come here in the first place? Was I crazy? God was punishing me. Even if i screamed no one would hear me. These yards are so big. I had no way of protecting myself even if I wanted to. He was standing between the door and me. The windows behind me had burglar bars. So much for security.

For a moment there we just stared at each other before I asked him what he thought he was doing. As calm as a sleeping baby he told me that he could hear me fidgeting and figured I was cold so he came to check on the electric blanket to see if it was working!!! I must have been born yesterday if he thought I believed that. See why I told why we Zulu use blankets we buy at Oriental Plaza not this electric nonsense. He could see the shock in my face and went on to say that at times it gives problems. I don’t know how I got cornered into it but soon he was accusing me of thinking he was a rapist. He told me of how he had invited me into his home and how out of his own concern he had come to check up on me. He reminded me of how he had been there for me even though he had not even asked me questions about why I had been kicked out. He told me how he drove all the way to Milpark to rescue me and this is how I react. I felt bad. I felt like an idiot. He was right. Had I not smiled when I saw him in the reception area? I started to apologize. I had gone from the screaming teenager to the apologetic one in less than ten minutes.

He reassured me that it was ok but felt as though he was being treated like a monster. He asked if he could sit on the bed of which I readily agreed. I felt really bad. Because I could not sleep anyway we started talking. He was quite a fascinating MAN to be honest. I found out that Python actually works for him but they were friends. He was friends with Pythons brother who was based in England hence how they knew each other. I don’t how but we eventually ended up lying in bed together. I told him I am not going to sleep with him when he started touching me. I didn’t tell him to stop though. It started off as a massage, him kneading my shoulders until at some point he was fondling my breasts. Maybe it was my hyper emotional state but i was aroused within moments. He knew how to work his hands to be honest for it take long for me to start breathing heavy. In all this he was saying absolutely nothing. Not a word. Wow. Is it true that guys tell you how much they love you during sex and how beautiful you look? I would probably laugh if someone did that because it would come across as cheesy and rather weird for me. I mean imagine how during sex you moan, squint your face, grimace, scream etc then he said, “oH baby you are so beautiful,” lol that would be odd. I prefer the silent sex. No sweet nothings for me thank you very much! Anyway it was at that moment that I told him to stop and to his credit he did. He asked me for a blowjob “to relieve the pressure” as he put it. I gave him a straight no on that one. He would have to settle for a hand job.

I think the fascination men have with blowjobs is that it degrades women. I know we call it pleasure to make ourselves feel better but imagine the thought of having someone stick his “thing” inside your mouth and worse cumming inside you. We are not allowed to say such things out in public because if you say that even your girlfriends say you are backward. You don’t know where his “thing” has been and in whom and at times for how much. Now it has to be cleaned by your tongue. As girls we do a lot of things. Gorilla was not as big as Python where it counts! Rather short and stout. For a big man he was rather disappointing no wonder why S had cheated on his ass!!! Can’t be built like a mountain then walk around with a stick between your legs like what the fuck!!! It fit in my hand perfectly and I have small hands so you imagine. I tried to think of other things as I did it but I couldn’t help but feel dirty.

I wasn’t really distraught about it at first but at least I didn’t sleep with him. That was what was in my head at the moment. Fortunately it didn’t take longer than ten minutes. What a relief! However when he left my room soon after I saw him put something on my headboard. As I was lying sideways i didn’t see it clearly at first. Then there on the head board in a folded stack held together by an elastic band were hundred rand notes. I knew it was mine but i didn’t pick it up. I could not believe he had just done that.

He had just paid me for ‘sex’!

For the first time since I had come to Johannesburg I did not smile after i had received money.

I cried so hard!!!

****The End****


I have a soft spot for single mothers. You have to do twice the work with usually half the resources or none at all. Worse, at time you have to face families and communities that blame you for being in that situation in the first place. I know its hard and your tears at times run freely. Somehow though you find a way to pick yourselves up and get back on your feet. You look at your little miracles and realize that wow God has worked his miracle yet again through you. Happy Mothers Day moms and may you remain truly blessed!

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  1. Lol its funny how G makes her feel bad yet he came in there with intension I mean where else would he have gotten the moola to put on the pillow before he got up! Dang he played her!!!!! (Love ur work can’t wait for 56)

    Thanx for the happy mothers day! I’m a proud mommy of a 4 year old girl!

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  5. Thandeka was really a confused teenager! That was too much but atlist she didnt give in to Gorilla… Thanks for the great book, refreshing and making us ready on how we will raise oir kids, this is an opening eye story

  6. Thanks Mike for such a good read. I just hope that this diary does not fall into deaf ears. That the young adults of today learn from this and hopefully don’t fall into the same trap as Thandeka. You are making a positive difference and entertaining us at the same time. Keep up the good work.

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  11. Wow g ya sometimes man think we idots,thanks for the mothers day msg means a lot u just touched my heart. Thanks keep up the good work

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  13. Ts pain is deeply felt @ the end. It is degrading to knw that u r a sex worker in a twisted way. And though she ddnt c herself as a prostitude b4, it certainly opnd her eyes that she is a high class prostitude… N tnx 4 the lovely message*team mom*

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  19. At least Thandeka still has some ‘little’ dignity left in her hahahaha Looks like Benny’s talk made some sense to her – she mustn’t give it up easy! :)

  20. I’m a druggie, can’t get enough. This really gives us a glimpse of how mean and scary the big bad world is. Next year I’m going to varsity and it scares me, but I have learnt a lot from Thandeka, I won’t be like her.

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    and someone is right he used reverse psychology on her.


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    1. I once stayed with a Thandeka..and believe me this is all true, fortunately I didn’t lose my principles eventually I moved out of our beautiful townhouse just to save myself from falling. And she is now married can you believe it?

  60. Dear Mike

    Thank you for offering us a great read……it has indeed been a great entertainer and we have grown attached to it like a baby clinging on a mother’s breast.

    We don’t only love your writing because of your sense of humour and charming relationship with words, we keep coming back for more because you have chosen a very relevant subject and interesting one too!

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