Chapter Eleven

At first I went quiet on the phone. I wasn’t sure whether to hang up then switch off my phone then tell my mum that something was wrong with my phone. I realized however that it was now or never! Whatever she had to say I was ready for her I think. She told me something that yet again left me baffled. According to S we had fought because she wanted to take me out clubbing and I had refused because it was not my thing. She said I had misunderstood her intentions because as a student and first year she thought I would like to experience such things in a safe environment but I had told her that I will rather study. She had not taken in well. She told my mum she had called to apologize to her for that and hoped she would forgive me. You should have seen my mouth and how wide open it was with shock. Wow this girl really had a nerve but I chose not to dispute the facts she had given. My mum being the peacemaker as usual started lecturing me. She told me what a good child S was and how she was only trying to help. She advised me that I shouldn’t be afraid to try new things for that’s how I would expand my knowledge of the world. At that moment I was thinking of all the things that the so called good S had taught me. My mum reminded of how well respected her parents were before she demanded we make peace on our own or else she will personally come to Jhb to make us make peace. Then she read a scripture from the bible about forgiveness before she said goodnight. Imagine that! I was the bad one!



The following morning I had to attend orientation. I was meeting so many people and it was fun. Its amazing how when you are in high school you think you know so much and when you are a teen you know the world. Surrounded now by my peers and people who think, act and dress like me. I did however notice that here at Wits it was a fashion competition. Kids here could dress and some really defied logic. How do you walk on campus with heels for honestly those things get painful after a while? I still had my kasi weave as S had called it and at that moment I decided to remove it. I actually have long natural hair it had been meant to be for convenience but fitting in meant that I also had to be relevant. In spite of what had transpired in my short stay in Jhb I got the strong impression that keeping up with appearances meant that varsity life would me more fun and worth it than being in the shadows. I won’t lie I noticed that girls with my razor tended to wear pumps, mr price clothing and were louder than everyone when in groups. They also tended to match their clothing as though they had bought them en mass on discount. Its funny hey the things you notice as a girl. My one day of shopping with S really had opened my eyes to what clothes and though I had chosen the simple lifestyle I refused to go cheapline. Did you know there is an official study by Harvard which says worldwide beautiful and well groomed people earn as much as 43% more than ordinary and yes “ugly” looking people? Google it please I might I have gotten the university wrong but keep it Ivy League. So much for those who say looks aint much. I already had the brains, I mean I was at wits after all now I needed the appearance especially for law. There were also the so called cool guys and I could smell Fresher (freshman) on them in their skinnies, big shoes, fake spectacles, a gold chain or two clear from markhams, earrings etc. Just three months ago I was these guys. I mean I had even tried to wear that on Friday. Looking at them now they just looked pathetic and childlike with their fake American accents clearly checking out all the “mamas” as they walked past. Had S ruined my youth for I just felt I didn’t belong with them anymore.




When I got back I noticed that her door was closed. The thing with having roommates is that you should be open minded to a lot of things. For example this morning I noted that N doesn’t mind walking around the flat in only her underwear. I know I am a girl I am not supposed to care but I grew up at home so no one does that. It was a bit awkward. She came to me as soon as I switched on the tv and handed me an envelope. When I opened it there was an invitation card.

We had been invited to a braai by umalume and his wife to a braai\party to his home.


Let me get this straight, he wanted me to bring N with!



    • Chloe

      hahaha yah neh S wasnt really that bad. I mean who would call someone elses mum and twist the truth that much just to get her to forvive her..that girl is AWSOOOOME

      • Juju

        Better the devil you know so S a better option for you know she won’t say things that may end up in her parents ears.

  1. ec gal

    Well I think s did ruin your innocence somehow, because I’m presuming from now on , you will want things you can’t afford,and endup being like her instead of the good naïve gal who appreciated even the modest stuff…qhubekeka mfazi simamele

  2. sekwanele

    Amadoda kodwa..Ungumshana wakhe n ungumngan kababa wakho so you bringing your freind “N” to a braai #UNDERCOVER#

  3. Ai umalume its guys like him who makes their girlfriends desrespect their wives how can he invite a galfriend to his wife’s house ai suka

  4. Sigoz

    “They also tended to match their clothing as though they had bought them en mass on discount”.hahahahahah *dead* wa bua shame ngwana batho

  5. tebza

    You cn wear cheap clothes but look elegant,let’s face it pumps are comfortable but they make u look kinda of ragged mor especially when they have lost their original shape

  6. thembeka shabangu

    It so interesting gal ur diary ngeke you end duing nthing,bt uyasifunda isifundo gala kthi akumele ube uthathekile

  7. lehlogonolo hlogy mahlogonolo

    I jst hope zulu girl won’t accept de offeer coz she might get cought dis tym on*c.ruz fyc*

  8. Yah neh T welcome to jozi for real and I promise u awukaboni nix there is lot more to see this is jozi I know I’m from kzn myself and I came to jozi to study just like u ngabona nami lol let’s here more this is really interesting

  9. Vinolia S Mashola

    Ja ey, there is the bad and the good a person can bring in your life. You might as well cherish the goods.

  10. Nikkita

    My my my….I can smell another drama or scenario in this Malume braai….and with N…! This is good.

  11. Shordy

    Ai S is not to be trusted she has too many tricks yoh, Umalume yena is making u he’s blockout so that he’s wife won’t see that N is he’s Makwapheni… Interesting

  12. Gorden

    Ass( S) really changed you, Now your eyes are wide open you look at your peers at a lower level… Lol GP.

  13. Thandeka’s uncle is really a bad influence to the young up and cpming generation especially those coming from rural areas
    N therefore he must be arrested for statuary rape of a miner,lol

  14. Nonysan

    The funny thing about Thandeka(Author0 is that she is very “raw” uhlaza ngesiZulu and then claims innocents… but still I love your craft dearest.

  15. Nonysan

    “I noticed that girls with my razor tended to wear pumps, mr price clothing and were louder than everyone when in groups” ohhh my word this is me in UKZN 2005 first years varsity …so wrong.

  16. Lily M.

    Dis is addictive cnt put it dwn being a female i cn sure relate 2 hw important image is dnt care wt tym of day it is gotta b well put 2gedar as a lady

  17. Ladyluck

    What kind of umalume is dat, inviting his mistress into his house, while the wife is there. Poor wife yena uzobe ebona abashana nje….

  18. Thandeka girl you should thank S for helping you in a fashion sense…but don’t look down to those who are not in your league..because you were once in their shoes…next CHAPTER

  19. don’t tell me now you playing sheriff…wat the hell!!!! uncle R….wt can i sae u du ive for free and gotta go to the braai…mybe mit the wifeee…

  20. Thabelo Munyadziwa

    Your mom is a good person,peaceful heart,How sweet mmmh.
    You are not the wrong one,it just that you were with wrong people at the wrong time.
    To forgive doesnt mean you will be close again.Forgive her.
    About the card how are you going to react,pretending to umalumes wife like N and umalume are not one.I wanna know.
    Let me go to 12

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