Chapter Eight

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I know you have been waiting patiently to hear what an 18 year old girl, scared, alone and in tears would do in this situation. For once this whole weekend I had my life in my hands and a bit of control on it. I went down onto my knees, opened his zip, pulled out his schlong and sucked it so hard I am sure I could have seen my own reflection in it. You know as girl when you blow someone there is a pungent scent we block our minds to and its salty at first. That was it. Here I was on my knees, blowing a man old enough to be my dad, no questions asked. I knew he wanted to cum and when he did I did not pull back. Yes I swallowed. I didnot want him to argue or change his mind not that I had a choice for he held me in place and I could see his bronze bangle on his hand bouncing back and forth!. I did what needed to be done. Looking back I know a lot of people will judge what I did, high and mighty girls will say they would never but at that moment when you just want your freedom I would have fucked him had he asked me. Needless to say as soon as I was done he gave me my docket and said go home this is the end of it. I will keep your secret if you keep ours! I can still hear the sound his zip made as he closed it but I didn’t look back. I walked fast and straight. I will cry when I get to my room.



I had no one to call to come take me home for the only people I knew with cars where the very people that got me into this mess. I wasn’t about to walk too far off from the police station because already I had been robbed this morning. What to do now! Then I remembered! That gay guy who had taken me home.  Remember K my gay knight in shining armour. I dialled his number and immediately he said he was about to call me.  Fortunately he was not too far it took him just ten minutes to come get to me. This time I told him everything that had happened including the cop who asked for favors. At first he couldn’t believe it for it really does sound like a fairytale but when he saw the tears in my ears and how I was shattered he had no choice. He told me the Jhb metro cops were so corrupt he wasn’t surprised. He reassured me that he would have done the same duh he was gay. He advised me to sue them but I told him if I did that then obviously my parents would know what had happened and I couldn’t face them with all the shame that came with it. I could just hear my dad shouting at me telling me how he warned me about how Jhb is such a bad place. I could see in my mind my mum crying saying come home. I had brought this on my own so I had to take it all in. K drove me around for a while then took me home first where I rinsed my mouth thoroughly. He insisted I shouldn’t be alone and we went to Rosebank where he took me to Wakaberry. Even in dark times nothing tastes better than frozen yoghurt. Eventually he dropped me off at my place around 7.


I didn’t even have to go far to face my demons. There at my doorway was S. I walked past her without saying a word. She seemed genuinely surprised that I would do that. She asked my why I was ignoring her but I walked past her. She didn’t seem to care for immediately she started telling me about her night. The sex she had and how she got arrested. She told me how the police had tried to frame them for drugs and how they were out of that place before twelve midday. I had been “arrested” after one! Confused now.. To her this was all a joke. She told me how they were friendly with one of the cops and how all that made it go away. She told me that all was cleared by the time I got there but I had to go there so that he could be seen as though he was following up the investigation. She told me that he had called and said I had done so well and that he had personally walked me out. I asked her to describe him for me and she said “He is biggish with a big stomach. He has a bronze like bangle on his hand and short hair…”


At first I didn’t fully understand what was exactly she was saying then it hit me… The cop who had made me do things to him was their friend! Had they set me up as payment? Is this why he didn’t ask for money? Is this why they had been let go? Was I the bait? Or maybe they had paid and I was the cherry on top?

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  1. #in stitches . This is so good I’m hooked. Almost midnight I have to sleep, will continue first thing tomorrow. You good!

  2. Wow, I’m speechless, the pain u must have felt! Hope letting it out like this helps u to heal and move forward.

  3. OMW…..they r sooooooo cruel… I feel sorry 4 u ma dear…..2 went thru all dat trouble 4 dem…..eish….flips 2 nxt page

  4. Omg I can’t believe dat S wud do dat to u!!!!yoh wtf eeeeeeeh!*claps once!yoh! Dude like they used u to be set free!they knew dat u were scared bra n u wud do anything not to get into trouble!SHIT!…as I click next!…

  5. To think that you even swallowedd when he came and for what? Nothing? Scammed…tjoo shame…#flips to another chapter#

  6. i am not judging but i feel that you could have been stronger and stood your ground as you did nothing wrong ,you did not have to blow the disgusting cop

  7. Iyoh I hv neva seen a bad persn lyk s.. Mxm enough said. Yoh da story is becumin more n more interesting.head up 2 da nxt chaptr

  8. See I told u…lol. I wonder what’s the story with the gay, he’s too generous. Eish I must sleep now. Will have to continue tomorrow after church…. can’t wait.

  9. s is a heartless self centred bitch but dnt yu think is stil early 2 leave dis friendship as it only brings shame in ur lyf,yoooooooooo gal

  10. Geez ! You said yourself, you were just a cherry on top. I guess this was your first test to the game.

  11. Geez ! You said it yourself, you were just a cherry on top. I guess this was your first test to the game.

  12. Da way I’m so hooked on following up every chapter I no longer chat to anyone on BBM..ahh whoever wrote this is damn good hey..bringing up every chapter with da thirst of rushing to da next chapter..hae nor Yew Good!!#ROUNDofAPPLAUSE

  13. I just got accepted at UJ and I’m gona live in JHB.I’m so scared now!!!! But I can’t stop reading this thou.

  14. Atleast God is still in her side is up her now 2 think twice n know wht she want. Thts wht every one must do do think 4 now open yr. Eyes n think 4 future

  15. Judging is not my thing n I wnt judge…sweety wat w went through is so painful I cnt imagine as young as u a doing tht 2 some1 old enough 2 b u father/God have mercy/

  16. honestly,this diary is full of fairytales to me…iv never heared of such stories in Botswana,anyway gus we still behind with developments

  17. He was smelling good or bad when you zip dwn,is that gay have feelings for girls?
    In life sometimes we may do things that is bad,just to save our lifes.It happend for me

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