Y.E.S 29

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“Love is not a one size fits all affair. You never be an expert of relationships because every person is different meaning what worked so well in your last relationship could be a total disaster in your next. This why we are warned to never rush into a new relationship but who is listening. Study […]

Y.E.S 28

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“Don’t be so quick to say sorry just so you can avoid an argument with your partner. Some battles if not fought at that moment turn into a war that there will be no coming back from when they could have been fixed at the beginning!” Mike Maphoto

Birds – Chapter 21

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23:37 p.m. #Audrey Omowumi and i approached the couch were Zinzi and Thabz were sitting cosily. “Here is Audrey. Tell her what you told me.” said Omowumi to Thabz. “You guys no. Please leave me out if this.” Said Thabz “What is it Wumi?” I said curious. “He said he did leak Pontso’s pictures but […]

Y.E.S 27

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“Abuse happens because men stand back and say either “it’s not my problem” or “it’s not me that’s doing it so I am covered.” What we forget is that one day we will have daughters, sisters, friends that will fall victim because we did not help fight it in the beginning and all this could […]

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 267

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“I’m sorry you must have misunderstood me, by not answering my questions you are disrespecting me and respect is something I pride myself in, I give a lot of respect and expect the same back, so I am going to leave the room and let you ladies discuss your answer and when I come back […]

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 266

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You know how people normally say they have bad luck, those are people who have had a few accidents happen in their lives, a few bad things that make them believe that they are covered in bad luck. I wished to be those people because I didn’t have just have bad luck, it felt like […]

Birds – Chapter 20

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Friday- 20:35 p.m. #Audrey Hair, make-up, screaming outfits and heels. We looked dashing. We looked flawless. Ethiopia’s Audrey, South Africa’s Senhle, the twins, and not forgetting Nigeria’s Omowumi. The same clique that goes partying together. The same Circle members i met Mr “do you love me Audrey” with. Tonight was about fun. And possibly keep […]