Realities – Chapter 80

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PS: We still have plenty of books for your christmas gifts at our special price R165,  don’t miss out. ****************************** I think people have always debated on what is the right time for a woman to move in with a guy as well when is the right time to marry a guy. There are not […]

Rumblings – Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Six

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Let’s play a game, if you are a mother, take a look at your baby, imagine raising him or her to this fine age and all that love you have for him or her. Ok, now let’s do this, if you have no child, take a look at your sibling, or your parents for that […]

Growing Up – Chapter 16

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Thando had experienced a lot of stress during her pregnancy. First it was all the gossip and nasty stares she got from the church elders and judgemental remarks from the youth at church. Then it was her unsupportive parents. I believe that every woman, young and old, deserves to have someone who will support them […]

Growing Up – Chapter 15

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Have you ever seen or heard something and not believe it? That was the way I was feeling right now. When a person does something that is out of character, you often think that maybe, just maybe your imagination is running wild. Some people are just innocent or make us believe that they innocent, so […]

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 206

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“What do you mean he’s dead? Did he tell you where my friends are before he died?” I asked, I know I was being selfish the man had just died and all I wanted to know was the well-being of my friends and sister. He stared at me with a blank face, then walked outside, […]

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 205

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The guy who had been talking to Mthobisi, I assumed he must have been the group leader, shouted “Shut the hell up!!!” which made us all go silent but fear was written all over our faces. “Listen guys, we have money, cellphones, gadgets anything just take it, please don’t hurt us, please.” She Rocks said […]

Missteps – There’s a delay…Sorry

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Dearest readers, Due to some unforeseen circumstances, today’s chapters of Missteps will be published a little later than usual. We know that our loyal readership look forward to these chapters and it is for this reason that we give our apologies for this delay. The chapters will still be posted today, but at a later […]

Realities – Chapter 78

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The level of deception in my family was beyond mention. Our marriage had too many lies but show me a couple that has been married for as long as we have that does not have a secret and I will worship you. It’s easy to be on the outside and say