*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter Ninety Six

With a man, you make one small mistake and he will judge you by that for the rest of your life, if you cheat and your man finds out he will never ever look at you the same way again.  And we women are expected to forgive when they cheat or get their side chicks pregnant, you must welcome that baby with warm open arms, as if you were there enjoying the benefits of making the baby, and if you don’t accept the child you are judged as the cruel, heartless person, whoever said being a wife was easy doesn’t know what they talking about.  You have to get into this family that might not like you and will try to make your life a living hell, if you are lucky your mother in-law might pretend to like you in your face and talk smack about you behind your back but if you are unlucky like me, [Read more...]

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter Ninety Five

My first instinct is to always run, I don’t stand and try to negotiate when in danger, first thing that always comes to my mind when I’m faced with any dangerous situation is run, you can call it being a coward or anything you want, but running will save you from a lot of explaining, negotiating for your life and a whole lot of messy, awkward uncomfortable situation and that is why I always run.  And then sometimes life just throws you a curve ball where you cannot run because your legs fail you instead of carrying you they trip and you fall on your face that is the one time you will wish you don’t get up until the paramedics come and get you up. [Read more...]

Missteps – Chapter Ninety Four

Oh my soul, I don’t know what I have ever done wrong to anyone or maybe my ancestors must have been very bad people because right now I knew this was not just bad luck I was being punished for something, there is a verse in the Bible that says “the sins of the forefathers shall be laid upon their sons” well the sins of my forefathers were being paid me. I wish I knew what they did so I didn’t make the same mistake, I didn’t want my children’s children to be going through the same shit I was going through every now and again.
The guy put me on the chair next to Andiswa and told me to shut my mouth. Andiswa was soaking wet from sweat I didn’t know if it was the high temperature that was making her sweat or if it was fear I on the other hand had was shaking like a leaf. Andiswa asked in a shaky voice “what are you going to do to us?” [Read more...]

Missteps – Chapter Ninety Three

I had to make sure I take all the necessary safe percussions the last thing I wanted was the same situation as the night before happening, I asked the guy what his room number was he told me and I asked for his name he said “Bantu” I laughed and asked “as in Bantu Holomisa?” he said he gets that all the time but no his surname is Sithole. I called one of the waiters and asked if they knew the guy and he said yes he also stayed in the hotel I asked him for the notebook that they use to write down orders and a pen and I wrote a note and asked him to please put it in my friend’s room and I gave him She Rocks room number and told the guy we could hit the road. We went to the parking lot, he suggested that we took his car I told him we were both taking our cars he told me finding parking might be a problem, I didn’t care I told him I would even walk an hour I didn’t care I was taking my car and he was taking his and that’s final. We convoyed to the beach and parking was not that hard to find but we didn’t find parking next to each other he parked 7 cars away from me which suited me just fine.

We got to the beach and I took of my shoes and top and was left with just the bikini bra and my short and went in the water, I thought I heard the guy say “dammmmmmn [Read more...]

Missteps – Chapter Ninety Two

In all my years alive, 2014 has to have been the most dangerous, dramatic year of my life I could not wait for the damn year to end, I had had enough. I thought maybe bad things happened to me in Joburg but now I was realising in Durban too. I carried this dark, terrible, horrific cloud everywhere I went and since the sangoma didn’t do a good job in removing the bad luck maybe I needed a wooden cross and to be sprinkled with holy water, this was no way to live for anyone. Okay, okay, it wasn’t bad luck on its own; the fact that we were likers of things and suffered from FOMO also played a major role in our string of unlucky fortunes.

So Merced guy driver was standing next to our car with a gun pointed at us, telling us to get out of the car, the first thing that came to my mind was this bastard and his friend will lock us in their fancy house that was probably not even theirs maybe they were house sitting for someone else since it was December holidays and would make us their sex slaves until the owners came back. [Read more...]

Memoirs – Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen

Is it not always the case that usually when you are with someone you feel like you will never find someone more beautiful, more charming or more loving. Falling in love with a person often means you feel like if you lose them you will never be able to replace them. That’s the fear we have in all of us. Yolanda had just reminded me that, [Read more...]