*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter Eighty

I didn’t know where to look suddenly the room became too small and hot, my mouth became dry I couldn’t find my voice, Andile was staring at me she didn’t even feel sorry for me, for all she cared I could faint and she would just continue with her business and wait for me to get up, what a witch. I finally managed to whisper “can I have some water please”

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*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter Seventy Nine

They say right before you die your life flashes before your eyes. You see everything that has happened in your life so clear, you get answers to questions that you’ve always had but where too afraid to ask, all your enemies faces flash before your eyes. I was expecting to see myself from the day I was born till that particular day, the day that my soul left my body. I wondered if my mom would go to William Nicol offramp to collect my soul then I remembered

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Missteps – Chapter Seventy Eight

I ran to the bathroom and said a small prayer that God should not let it be Mfundo that we are going to burry, I slowly came out trying to look all innocent when I got back in the bedroom my husband was gone, I decided to quickly shower when I was done he was back in the bedroom but busy on the phone.  I could hear him making arrangements for the funeral, this man was serious, I decided that I needed to look decent if we were going to a funeral, I wore a black skirt, white shirt and a black blazer and decided to put pumps in my bag just in case I needed to run during or after the funeral, you will never know hey especially if we were burying Mfundo like I suspected who knew if my grave was also dug and ready for me, better be safe than sorry,

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Missteps – Chapter Seventy Seven

As I sat there listening to that man and woman threatening my live hood, at first I was scared then I was annoyed then I was pissed off, when I reached the stage of being pissed off, I stood up so quickly and banged the table with both my hands and told them that if they were here to threaten me then they should leave because it is either they arrest me or get out of my workplace, I told them I am a South African citizen with rights just like anybody else and I am being harassed at my work place for something that I know nothing about, if they had been investigating as hard as they claim to have been then they would be here with a warrant of arrest not here to ask questions about my husband and his mother ,if there was anything they wanted to know about my husband to go to him and not go  behind his back, this took them by surprise, I had been silent for some time while they were talking

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Rumblings – Chapter Four

I don’t know why people get so flustered when you change your Facebook status. Firstly, the account belongs to you. It does not belong to them. Truth be told most guys do not have a relationship status that indicates you exist. Even Tidimalo himself. His status said it’s complicated and I had asked him a few times to change it but so [Read more...]