Confessions – Chapter One Hundred and Two

I was livid. As I stormed out of that kitchen I saw blood, I smelled it! My father knows me very well for he came after me immediately asking me to calm down. If my behavior was embarrassing him in front of my intended step mother then he had no idea what the meaning of ‘ratchet’ truly was because I was going to destroy her! If she thought my mother had destroyed her family she had not met me clearly! I am not a violent person but some people really bring out the Xhosa in mean. Has this woman no pride. This man, my father had left all those many years ago for another woman, a much younger woman, my mother and the moment my mother leaves her home Read more »

Memoirs – Chapter Twenty Five

When I told my wife I was leaving for two weeks she was not that depressed about it. She knew how much I had been craving for more responsibility at work and I often complained about it. Any black person in any private company will readily tell you that where there are races involved, the white race always gets the juicy contracts. My story is not about race so no I will not go there but truth is truth. I was more senior to some white guys here yet they already sat in major deals whereas I looked out from the outside. Anyway my wife was happy for me and again she said it would give her time to acclimatize at work without having to worry about me. Read more »

MOAYW – Chapter Twenty

with Thozama Mqikela


I had nowhere to run all I could do was sit there and let them do what they came to do. I was so scared and at the same time I was also so tired of all this drama that was just happening in my life. All my husband’s secrets were coming out one by one and to be quite honest I was happier when I didn’t know any of these things. It is true when they say ignorance is bliss. How long had Mthobisi been bringing people in and out of South Africa illegally, how long had he been involved in illegal mining? Should he have told me? I know there are some women who demand to know everything their partner does but is it really wise even if it is not criminal activity? Was I such a bad person that my husband could not even confide in me then? It’s just in women’s nature to blame themselves for everything that their men do.
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MOAYW – Chapter Nineteen

With Thozama Mqikela


This was insane; it was only Friday which meant Mthobisi would be spending the next 5 days in this hell hole. Mthobisi was sent down back to his cell I couldn’t even get a chance to speak with him. Andiswa and I walked out and were in so much shock that we both had nothing to say. Mark came out I went after him and introduced myself as I had never meet him before I had only spoken to him over the phone. I asked him what had just happened in there. I was inside and heard everything but I wanted Mark to explain this to me in simple English. He told me that Mthobisi was facing serious charges and he would do everything in his powers to make sure that he got Read more »

Confessions – Chapter Oned Hundred and One

There is this misconception that black children do not revenge or punish their parents the way white children do. There is this belief also especially amongst parents that they never do wrong by their children. It further makes you believe that a black child cannot feel hurt or betrayed by their parents nor can he or she act out on it. Instinct would say that the child is spoilED and has too many rights were it to act out like this but I don’t think so. Here is the irony, they send you to the so called white schools to learn to be white and evolve so they say. We grow up being told to report the moment someone harms or hurts us. If my mother had Read more »

Memoirs – Chapter Twenty Four

Why is it that it is when you are cheating that your suspicion that your partner could be doing the same is at its most heightened stage? I was very uneasy about him and the more I thought of it the angrier I got. The man had done nothing wrong except compliment my wife without even knowing she was mine but in my eyes it could not go unchecked. I deleted the sms Khanyi had sent because yes I am a big guy but my arms weren’t that strong so with the anger I had towards my wife’s boss I was not in a flirty mood. I am not really one for flattery. I went and sat next to my wife and casually asked what it was the boss wanted like she knew. She said that Read more »

Confessions – Chapter One Hundred

She walked out! My mother had walked out? I can’t believe she would abandon her family like this. Just like that! Think what you may a woman who leaves her family behind is worse than a man who does so! We often speak about the bond between a woman and her children that’s why it is worse. We often speak of the nine months, the first two years of suckling and yes the labor pains of delivering. I know today there is more to being a woman than just babies but motherhood if you are one of course should always come first! How then can she walk out and leave us like this? My father was an old man to be honest but my mother was very young and still very beautiful Read more »