Y.E.S 49

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“A man who does not try to make you feel and look beautiful is not worth your time. It’s not about money, it’s the small things that makes you feel that in his eyes you are the most amazing person he has ever seen and that ladies, goes a long way!” Mike Maphoto

Blessed 28

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Khanyi wanted me to ask the driver for help? This was going to be super awkward. In the car I am sure he heard me calling the Mpumalanga resort place I wanted to take Neo. I am sure he had heard me say it’s for two so now he would

Y.E.S 48

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“If you find yourself having to sacrifice childhood friends or people you have known for a very long time because your new man feels uncomfortable with them in your life then your man is not interested in trying to understand who you are or where you come from!” Mike Maphoto

Y.E.S 47

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“There is no mistake called cheating and anyone who tells you that is a liar, playing with you and thinks you are stupid. It’s a choice which you have to acknowledge but don’t you dare be fooled into believing it was a mistake. A mistake is picking up diet coke instead of original coke, that’s […]

Blessed Chapter 26

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In life we all have our battles. Each and every one of us is fighting something just to survive or to succeed. We take other people’s problems for granted because when we look in from the outside, their problems seem exaggerated.


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My sister stepped in and said “Lesedi go and bath and we will look after the baby. No one is fighting with you; I can see you want to turn this into a fight.” My sister was right, I did need a bath, I left without responding and took a bath but didn’t seat in […]


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I ran out of the bedroom like a possessed woman to go check on my baby, as I was passing the passage my eyes caught sight of something that was laying on the floor at first I could not believe my own eyes, right there on the passage was a body of my best friend […]

Birds – Chapter 43

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Karma… #Audrey After the information Dingaan’s wife gave me. I was shuttered, embarrassed and so confused. I stood inelegantly next to my Porsche outside the restaurant.  How did Dingaan’s wife know about my pregnancy? How did she know about the fashion show? She had clearly been watching me! Shit! Dingaan cannot have children? I clearly […]

Y.E.S 46

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“Just because you failed at something the first time does not mean you should give up immediately. Always have the confidence to try again and ask for advice on how else you can make it work because pride often prevents you from greatness.” Mike Maphoto


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At what age can a parent still beat up his or her child? I read somewhere that corporal punishment is illegal in the country but in all honest 90 percent of all parents, black white Indian you name consider a klap here or there as