Confessions – Chapter Oned Hundred and One

There is this misconception that black children do not revenge or punish their parents the way white children do. There is this belief also especially amongst parents that they never do wrong by their children. It further makes you believe that a black child cannot feel hurt or betrayed by their parents nor can he or she act out on it. Instinct would say that the child is spoilED and has too many rights were it to act out like this but I don’t think so. Here is the irony, they send you to the so called white schools to learn to be white and evolve so they say. We grow up being told to report the moment someone harms or hurts us. If my mother had Read more »

Memoirs – Chapter Twenty Four

Why is it that it is when you are cheating that your suspicion that your partner could be doing the same is at its most heightened stage? I was very uneasy about him and the more I thought of it the angrier I got. The man had done nothing wrong except compliment my wife without even knowing she was mine but in my eyes it could not go unchecked. I deleted the sms Khanyi had sent because yes I am a big guy but my arms weren’t that strong so with the anger I had towards my wife’s boss I was not in a flirty mood. I am not really one for flattery. I went and sat next to my wife and casually asked what it was the boss wanted like she knew. She said that Read more »

Confessions – Chapter One Hundred

She walked out! My mother had walked out? I can’t believe she would abandon her family like this. Just like that! Think what you may a woman who leaves her family behind is worse than a man who does so! We often speak about the bond between a woman and her children that’s why it is worse. We often speak of the nine months, the first two years of suckling and yes the labor pains of delivering. I know today there is more to being a woman than just babies but motherhood if you are one of course should always come first! How then can she walk out and leave us like this? My father was an old man to be honest but my mother was very young and still very beautiful Read more »

Memoirs – Chapter Twenty Three

It is amazing that often when you are married the stakes are so high yet you still cheat. You can never predict the temperament of your side dish because in all fairness they have nothing to lose so it can go either way. She was genuinely angry that I had hung up the phone on her so much that she had come to my house. Obviously I did not hear any bit of what she had asked me and immediately asked her what she was doing here. She said she had come to find out what game I was playing because she was not someone who gets dumped easily nor someone who got used. My first instinct was to lie. I told her that my boss was on my case he had surprised me. She Read more »

MOAYW – Chapter Eighteen

with Thozama Mqikela

My life was falling apart, and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. I went back to work, Cindy was not there so I went through some work that she had emailed me, I could not focus, I was anxious about tomorrow. My phone rang it was Mthobisi, I had saved the new number that I got with the phone, he asked if I was okay? I shouted and asked was he seriously asking me if I was okay after the hell that he is putting me through? My intention was not to fall apart at the first sign of trouble. I was just not handling it well. He apologized and said that he would make it up to me. I told him the only way he could make it up to me was by coming home. He said tomorrow he would be going to court and he will come out, I will see! Men often try and make it seem like women are impossible in impossible situations but I say do not put us in those impossible situations in the first place. I am a suburban wife and I was not meant to be in such filthy places unless I really had no choice. Going to Home Affairs for me was bad enough now I must be at Hillbrow Police station let alone court? The thought just drained me. I was even dreading to go take the new I.D. because of my hatred of crowds and sweaty armpit smelling places.
Read more »

MOAYW- Chapter Seventeen

with Thozama Mqikela


The following morning I went to Chicken Licken at Rivonia Road as instructed. I knew how much Mthobisi loved hot wings and rolls. Would I even be allowed in with them? I then went to Morning Side Centre and went to the Pick n Pay there and looked for a cheap phone, luckly they had a small Nokia phone for R249 bought him that and a pack of cigarettes. As far as I knew Mthobisi didn’t smoke but what did I know about this man anyway, nothing surprised me anymore. I went to the car and got the wings out, I realised that getting wings was not a smart idea, how was I gonna hide the phone in them? I had to quickly go to the ATM and draw R5000 then drove Read more »

Memoirs – Chapter Twenty Two

I guess we all have a dirty naughty side in all of us. I always remind people that most Born Agains are ‘reborn” for a reason because they certainly can outdo you in many of these things. Its intriguing to be on the phone with one person doing things you should not be doing on the phone whilst someone else is in the room. Try keep a straight face during all that and making sure your voice does not crack. On the one hand I had my mistress and on the other my wife. It was scary but I knew I could handle. My wife lowered my zip and I knew she was taking it out. This was so unlike my wife hence I could not help but wonder if all my complaining had caused Read more »