Birds – Chapter 1 (Intro)

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#Pontso This is not just a story. These are events that happened to me. These are impulsive incidents that happened to me when I was just aiming to live a comfortable life without anyone invading in it. The media had tried; I mean TRIED to destroy me. They tried to destroy my brand, my status […]

Y.E.S 19

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“What is it that makes girls believe that if the man they are dating makes them pregnant he will marry them? Do they live under a rock though when you see how many girls are left stranded, their sisters, neighbours and friends included but oh no, it’s fine, don’t use a condom! He is my […]

Growing Up – Chapter 66

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Some conversations are not meant for others to hear. Sometimes you talk about a person and you don’t want them to know, it’s not always gossiping, for example we were talking about Sipho and we didn’t want him to know what we were saying, but we weren’t gossiping. Sometimes a person just needs to vent […]

Growing Up – Chapter 65

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I think it is really unfair for a man to diminish a woman’s value because she is not a virgin. Whether a woman is a virgin or not has nothing to do with her worth, a woman has a lot of worth whether she has slept with 10 men or 1. You will never find […]

Growing Up – Chapter 64

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I don’t think there is a woman who would enjoy being called a slut, especially if it is a man who is calling you a slut. Most of us want to be seen as respectable women and addressed as such. Societal standards of a respectable woman vary from place to place. I am familiar with […]

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 259

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“I don’t know why you had to interfere Lesedi and your friends, his body was supposed to be discovered by the maid, but you and your friends as usual had to go and mess that up.” He said sounding extremely annoyed, I could not believe the nerve of this man. “Well if you had bothered […]

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 258

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The banging went on for sometimes, I could not move, I have just heard that Jessica had died and that was the only thing that was ringing in my head, deep down I knew this was somehow connected to that bastard Spencer, his people probably thought we had killed him and were now after us. […]

Realities 133

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“Where are we going mum?” Lintle asked me as soon as I got to the car. Crap! I had forgotten that my mother had said she was with them. I found them talking to a young doctor who Nelisa said she used to know. I was not in the mood for her whorish ways so […]

Y.E.S 18

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“Men cheat because of opportunity. If he is outgoing and you are not, the opportunity will always present itself. That girl at work that’s too friendly with him for example will most likely end up sleeping with him. Why do you think most men cheat with the friends of their girlfriends or wives? It’s because […]

Realities 132

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“I need help, I need help, I need help!” I kept telling myself as I walked away from my brother. That help could not be my father though! I needed Mthobisi! He was the only I knew who had no boundaries. An eye for an eye right!