Rumblings – Chapter 146

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I need us to ask ourselves a question: how does a grown person want to bring harm to a baby? How do you feel that is is okay to watch the child cry whilst we do whatever we are doing to them? Does your heart not break at the thought? I am a mother, my […]

Realities – Chapter 99

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I don’t know why people feel like I go over the top. I only had one child. It’s funny how growing up I always told myself that if ever I had a child I will never have just one. One child means you focus all your attention on that child. It’s an emotional investment heavier […]

Rumblings – Chapter 145

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People fight, we all know that. Some are loud and vocal whilst others prefer to do it quietly on the sidelines. I however think that only the lowest form of scum would come fight a person at their place of work. I am sorry I don’t care whether your man was cheating or not but […]

Realities – Chapter 98

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I remember growing up there used to be this principal in my area who was a very cruel man. The man was famous for beating up his students and to be fair the grades at his school were better than that of most schools, even those in the suburbs. When we got to grade 7 […]

Growing Up – Chapter 32

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We live in a very dangerous country, anything can happen to you anywhere and anytime. No matter how much you try to protect yourself, you will probably never be entirely safe. It’s not about being in the wrong place or walking around late or living in an unsafe neighbourhood because you can get mugged walking […]

Growing Up – Chapter 31

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Back when I was still a child, if I fell I would sob silently but if I fell and saw blood oozing out of my wound, I would cry hysterically. I would cry hysterically, not because it was extremely painful but because I saw blood and I associated blood with pain, aclot of pain. To […]

Bonus *** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 227

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Okay I know I was being dramatic but I have learnt the power of prayer in all the craziness that I had been through and I am proud to say God came through for me big time, I think if it wasn’t for my here and there small prayers I would be dead by now. […]

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 226

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In all the years that my mom had known Mthobisi she had always been his biggest fan, in her eyes he could do no wrong so for her to be screaming and shouting like this was a surprise to all of us. My sister asked mom why she was shouting and she said she blames […]

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 225

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I was beginning to feel like it didn’t matter where in the world I was bad luck was following me, I swear I was beginning to think that there were some witches out there planning my downfall, it could not be one person, there had to be an organization of witches like the three witches […]

Rumblings – Chapter 144

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When you go to sleep at night you want to have nice dreams or not dream at all. You want to be at peace because when you are rested you think better. Unfortunately for me, I did not have that luxury. My world had been falling apart for a long time now, its not just […]

Realities – Chapter 97

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Sometimes when you try to run away from something, it feels like it is chasing you more and more. Poverty is one of those things. The harder you try to fight it the more it resists. It’s like an addiction I tell you. Then there’s was Mthobisi. Good Lord, why was this man finding a […]

Rumblings – Chapter 143

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When people are angry they believe that they have the right to do whatever they want in the name of anger! I remember when I was young my sister once had a fight with a girl at school. She used to live close to us and she was older. She then came to my house […]