ORIGINS Chapter 56

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Growing up I had never thought of myself as an opportunist. I was too much of a coward to have even thought that about myself. I was always the girl that was last to get to things because i was never a liker of things, more. the cautious approach type of person to everything. With that said there really is something about Johannesburg that brings out the hustler person in you. All of a sudden you see opportunities were there are none, you take risk to get ahead because come  Friday evening there is some sort of electricity in the air i really cannot quite explain. Johannesburg has a vibe which even if you not in the outgoing mood just does things to you but to do that you need money. We kid ourselves when we say that money is not the most important in life because without it you cant eat and when you cant eat you either find yourself dead or having someone else exploit you for the lack there of it! I might not be the smartest person in the world but i knew that guys like Ada if my professor was right were a once in a lifetime opportunity, use to the best of your abilities and then run! I have seen way too many girls who date powerful men and literally have nothing to show for it except for an improved blowjob technique! That wont be me shem! I was not born to spend the rest of my life on my knees pleasing a man. Once I have my degree i will become good girl Samke again not now. As I was thinking this my phone rang. How does this girl have such timing? It was Zamo and I could not help plus blurted. “Zamo you and i are not friends. You know this. You made it clear before so what has changed now that makes you keep calling me!” I asked her. “I am pregnant!” She said and at first it was like I was listening to fiction. “Why are you telling me Zamo? I am not the father!” I responded rudely. “Ouch!” She responded. “Ngingenaphi?” I asked her “Abedi is the father. I thought i should tell you so that you don’t get to hear it from the streets!” She said like I cared. “Bye Zamo!” I told her as i dropped the phone. This girl has drama shem! It was then it hit me, if Zamo was pregnant she could not stay in residence on campus, and if she could not stay in residence what if… No no no! Ah, come on!!! Again I did not get to think […]

ORIGINS Chapter 55

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What is the greatest fear you have ever had within you at one particular moment which at that point felt like a near death experience? I will wait! With me I had never been in such a moment or even a near accident. Mooi River was so small I barely used taxis and my mother […]

ORIGINS Chapter 54

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Most people make bad decisions in life. Very few of us end up in the career path we wanted to begin because growing up was a series of mishaps or stars not aligning in the way we had wanted them to be. No one ever woke up wanting to be a call centre agent, a […]

ORIGINS Chapter 53

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Sometimes you convince yourself that you are in more danger than you really are. It’s called survival instinct and every South African woman has that in her because our lives are always at risk. Men want to police us and our bodies but funny enough they can’t protect us from themselves. It really is an […]

ORIGINS Chapter 52

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That night we ended up ordering in because the thoughts of what could happen was getting to us. We barely ate even but it was too little too late. This thing of liking things is what makes girls either successful or tragic stories. Do you think Faith Nketsi would be where she is if she […]

ORIGINS Chapter 51

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To be a lion you have to have the heart of one. If you surround yourself with weak spirited friends you can be rest assured that even you will be weak and scared of your own shadow. I won’t even act like I was the bravest girl out there because I was not but for […]

ORIGINS Chapter 50

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I want to say this outright. I don’t know anyone personally who has ever been shot. In fact I am not the type of girl who knows people who get shot. Its not the life I grew up in and truth be told its not the life we have in Mooi River. People with guns […]

ORIGINS Chapter 49

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Was I busted? I had to think quick because this could go south very fast. How could he have known because this was a secret shared between Abedi and I. He wouldn’t be that stupid would he? The look on Ada’s face was scary to say the least. I believe the word ‘secret’ is actually […]

ORIGINS Chapter 48

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No girl is ever ready for her mother especially when she knows that she has been caught doing something that she should not have been doing. I know there are girls who say that they are close with their mother and often tell us on social media how they have such amazing relationships to make […]

ORIGINS Chapter 47

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If you have never been betrayed before you would never understand how i felt right now. I trusted these girls with my life and everything i had i shared with them. I grew up being taught that a single stick was not strong but several sticks bunched together formed an impossible bond to break. Sisterhood […]

ORIGINS Chapter 46

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At this point, I had so much to think about. I was panicking over the fact that my mother knew I was in Cape Town but even though I knew I could lie my way out, this was something I did not want them to know about me. A girl has to have her secrets. […]


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Mike Nkululeko Maphoto SYNOPSIS When the American Consulate in South Africa is bombed killing the brother of the sitting President of the United States, a conspiracy that could lead to World War 3 if it catches fire is about to erupt. Enter an unwilling, unprepared and under trained black female spy and a possibly racist […]