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Good morning

Dearest friends, family, sisters and brothers today is 23rd of December and the blogs take a break until the new year. I know it’s sad but Thozama and I need to also have a bit of a rest and also focus fully on our families this festive season.

To all those who wrote letters to us in 2014, thank you so much for opening yourself to me and all the other readers. When I say US I mean everyone who contributed in giving comments to these problems. This is Ubuntu [Read more...]

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter Eighty Eight

Bad things happen in to good people they say, I’m a good person most of the times, I know what we were doing really didn’t say “good people” but deep down I’m a nice person who makes mistakes and sometimes I make mistakes with the wrong people who decided to want to screw me over just like the fool named Mfundo, how the hell do you do that? How could he do that? Scream for help like a small child, I wanted to smack him but I was a bit far from him. This was a total shock for all of us, we had not been expecting this, Security Guard asked “kanti kwenzak’alani lana bo sisi?” meaning what’s happening here ladies, She Rocks jumped out of the car pushed the security guard soo hard that he trampled over and fell and ran to the boom and opened it and shouted to Andiswa to drive, Andiswa speed off, security guard stood up and chased after [Read more...]

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter Eighty Seven

As we were leaning against the car with our hands lifted I heard a thump from inside the car, I wasn’t sure if I had imagined it or if it really happened my eyes automatically looked into Andiswa direction who was standing next to me who also must have heard that sound coming from inside because her eyes were popped out like they about to fall out of her eye socket.  I knew we were in shit now; we were definitely going to jail.  Andiswa mimed “faint” I wasn’t sure if I was reading her lips correctly I lifted my eyebrows to show her I was not sure what she was saying she moved her lips slowly without a sound coming from her mouth and this time I understood perfectly what she was saying, [Read more...]

Missteps – Chapter Eighty Six

I was now shaking again, I tried speaking, but everyone was so high on adrenaline that no one bothered listening to me, everyone was talking over each other, Andiswa took out an injection and told She Rocks to find a vein in his arm, She Rocks had a cloth and she tied it over his elbow like drug users normally do and said to Andiswa the veins are now popping out, it felt like everything was happening in slow motion but I knew I had to stop them I could not kill my husband’s brother. “Guys, stop, please stop” I said but my voice sounded so low that no one could hear me because everyone was talking, Andiswa put the injection in his veins and cleared everything inside Mfundo’s veins, Mfundo’s body started jerking out of control, we all stood there motionless just watching at one point it looked like he was getting up but he didn’t, his arms legs and body were all just twitching this went on for about 2 minutes then foam started [Read more...]

Missteps – Chapter Eighty Five

I quickly finished up cooking the Sunday lunch I had completely lost my appetite, my mind was not even there all I could think about was getting this thing with Mfundo over and done with. My phone rang it was She Rocks she said she had spoken to Mthobisi and faked a few sobs here and there as to sound a bit convincing, she told me that I should make-up a story to lure Mfundo to Witpotjie, there is a farm there and there owner used to be friends with her father when he was alive, she has access to the farm, the owner of the farm sometimes asks She Rock’s brothers to look after the house when he and his family go on holiday and one of her brothers was currently looking after the farm the family is gone on a December holiday and are only coming back next year, the only people around is the employees but they don’t work on weekends which is why we have to make sure we do everything tonight. I agreed, she said she will sms me the address to the farm and I can forward it to Mfundo, She and Cleo were already on the way there to prepare. [Read more...]